We're inviting makers, artists and creators of all types to host workshops in our studio--small, hands-on, instructor-led courses where you'll learn skills (instead of just making a single project.) Be on the lookout as we expand these offerings over the coming months!

Alcohol Ink Painting 101 - $60

In this workshop we will be creating abstract pieces of art using alcohol-based inks and isopropyl alcohol. Art never seemed so sterile, right? Alcohol ink is an incredibly versatile and ethereal medium that requires zero artistic background or skill--if you can breathe, you can paint with alcohol inks! Literally--we will be using our breath to move inks around a paper surface to create the most mellow, fluid, yet bold and cosmic pieces! Abstract art can be one of the most forgiving and dynamic forms of artistic expression, so come tap into your creative side and make something beautiful.

Instructor: Caitlyn Thompson

Fall Cookie Decorating - $60

Want to learn the basics of cookie decorating? Then this beginner class is for you! Our fun, hands-on class is designed for those with little or no decorating experience. In the class, we’ll cover the basics of cookie decorating with royal icing - everything from baking tips to decorative piping techniques.

You’ll leave with 6 cookies that YOU decorated (2 of each design) plus icing recipe and all the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to make your own cookie masterpieces at home!

Instructor: Rebecca Hall


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