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What I used to do

Jeff and I had a rare Saturday night off a few weeks ago and (amazingly) got a last minute sitter so we could attend a friend's birthday party. It was the first time since my going full-time with B+E being in a social situation where we didn't know everyone. Floating around the room, introducing ourselves to those new people, I found myself answering the inevitable question of "what do you do" with, "I just quit my 20 year career in marketing to start a business".

Check out the syntax of that sentence. I didn't lead with being a business owner.

I'm crazy proud of what we've accomplished, but in the days after the party, it really got me thinking about how I keep focusing on what I'm NOT doing anymore, and that I haven't fully embraced the entrepreneur mindset. Sure, I'm doing the work all day (around the clock) but it really made me realize that I need to own this new status. I'm a BUSINESS OWNER! I'm an entrepreneur!

You wouldn't walk around saying, "I'm a former pregnant person" - you're a MOM!

I've heard a saying before that in Fall, the leaves aren't falling from the trees, it's just the tree's way of letting go to make space for what's next.

It's November 1st--61 days til the end of this decade. I'm going to spend it working hard, and reminding myself that I am not what I've left behind; All the things I learned enabled me to be who I am today and create this incredible business that we built to share with all of you.

What are you releasing, and what are you making space for?


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