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So, I quit my job today.

Well, to be entirely accurate, I gave my two weeks' notice today. I'm officially leaving the corporate world to give this entrepreneurship thing a go full-time.

Not gonna lie, it's not without a lot of trepidation. But Jeff and I have had SO much fun building with you in our garage over the last 9 months that we feel so encouraged that this can be much bigger. (FYI, Jeff's keeping his job - we need you know, food and shelter and stuff.)

My last day at the day job will be May 2nd. And then, Thundercats are go, people. We have secured a permanent(ish) location at 691 Worcester St., Natick, at least for the next 2-3 years. Wait til you see it guys! It's this old Colonial/Victorian house with a bunch of different rooms, so we'll be able to host little private parties in the "dining room", and bigger private parties in the "living room".

The one hard part - we'll be going dark for the month of May, so no build sessions until we're officially up and running in the new shop. We've got lots and lots of painting to do, shelves and tables to build, people to hire (more to come on that soon)! If you wanna come help us paint, PLEASE feel free to stop by :o) Or send coffee. Or both.

We really can't say enough thanks to the nearly 150 folks who braved building in the garage with us while we got this thing off the ground, we truly couldn't have done it without you.

We can't wait to build with EVEN MORE of you!!!

Peace, love, and power tools.


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